Custom Meditations

Inspire your team.

Begin your next meeting or event with a guided meditation. Infuse the day with focus, creativity and connection. Choose from the themes below or work with me to create a unique meditation for your group.

In-person or pre-recorded options available. Meditations are 8-12 minutes long and include beautiful background music.

Meditations for Work Events and Team Meetings

Harvard researchers have found that practicing meditation before work can improve mental health memory, productivity, professional relationships and creativity!

Forest Meditation for a Peaceful and Productive Day

Relax body, mind and spirit. Let focus and creativity flow. This meditation is a great way to begin a busy day or give your team a mid-day reset. Includes relaxing nature sounds and positive affirmations.

Step Into Your Power: Guided Meditation for Inspired Leadership

Step into the energy of a personal role model or hero, and discover what true leadership means to you. Includes affirmations for confidence, personal growth and integrity.

Inner Sanctuary: Meditation for Work-Life Balance

Create a sanctuary of inner peace and calm. This meditation offers deep guided relaxation to release stress and nervous system overwhelm. Includes powerful affirmations to help clear the energy around your work space and bring balance, healing and renewal. This meditation is great for educators, healthcare workers, law enforcement or anyone working in high stress situations.

Lighthouse Meditation for Team Building and Inclusion

Let your light shine and discover your gifts. Learn how to recognize the light in others and encourage people to be themselves. Includes affirmations for unity, inclusion and self-growth. Also includes a personalized message for everyone.

Meditations for Stress-Relief and Personal Development
Rainbow Energy Shower: Relax and Unwind

This deeply relaxing meditation utilizes color therapy and the sound of falling rain to wash away stress. It includes guided visualization, affirmations for peace and well being, and quiet pauses for peace and reflection.

Re-Write Your Energy Field: You are the Author of you own Story

Release old habits and beliefs, and create the life you’ve been dreaming of. This meditation is for people who are looking to gain confidence and begin a new chapter in their lives.

Come As You Are – Meditation for College and High School Students

Sit under a sky full of stars and let your worries go. This meditation utilizes guided breathing and visualization to help students let go of stress, and find their way home to self. Great for young people exploring who they want to be.

Meditate + Journal

Journaling prompts can be added to the end of any meditation experience to allow time for deeper integration self-reflection. Popular meditation + journaling pairings below.

Meet me on the Bench

Guided meditation to connect with a spiritual guide or deceased loved one, followed with time for journaling about the experience.

Compassion and Kindness Meditation

Guided meditation based on traditional Buddhist “loving kindness” prayer followed with creative gratitude journaling.

Forest Meditation for Manifesting your Dreams

Guided meditation that uses the sights and sounds of the forest to ground and center listeners and help them tap into their intuition and dreams. Followed with “7 wishes” guided journaling practice.

Inner Light Meditation

Guided meditation and energy healing that helps participants tap into their inner light. Followed by a fun journaling exercise that helps participants get “unstuck” and create the life of their dreams.


Meditations are 8-12 minutes long and include relaxing background music. 5 minute versions of any meditation can also be created at a discounted price.

Pricing for Custom Meditations

A theme listed above


  • A custom theme $150
  • 5 minute meditation $75

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In-person Guided Meditations


I am available to lead in-person meditation experiences and retreats. Please contact me to check availability.

About Custom Meditations

Pre-recorded meditations are great for team-meetings. Just click on the link when you are ready, and my voice will guide your team through a peaceful, personalized meditation experience set to music. Meditations can be sent as an easy-to-share YouTube video link, or as an mp3. Once purchased a meditation is yours to keep and share.
All meditations are led by Certified Meditation Instructor Sara Sturge.